Genital Aesthetics

Genital Aesthetics

  • 02 December 22

The internal part of the female genital organ, also known as the genital bed, is called the vagina. Sexual intercourse, which is the beginning of the baby's formation, starts here. The birth of the fetus, which has completed its development, is again delivered from here. Although the main task of vagina is birth, it is a very important organ for sexual intercourse, which is the most special part of both emotional and physical intimacy between couples. Loss of vagina tightness caused by vaginal delivery, difficult births, giving birth to a large baby, vacuum birth, gaining and losing weight rapidly, the decrease of collagen structure with the advancement of age, may not fulfill its function in the relationships. In this case, vagina constriction (vaginoplasty) is required.

What Is Vaginoplasty?

Vaginoplasty is the surgical narrowing of the enlarged vagina. Our genetic features can sometimes be a disadvantage. Especially in women of eastern origin, the thinness of the skin and its high elasticity lead to sagging of the body and face at an early age with births. This excess of elasticity can sometimes be on the cover of our internal organs, which is called mucous membranes. The most typical example is the tissue of vagina. Relaxation of the vagina is not a visual problem but it is a situation that will cause serious sexual problems among couples.

Although the most common reason for the enlargement of the vagina is the high numbers of births, some women also have a structural relaxation without giving birth. As the vagina muscles are weak, some exercises may be helpful. The most typical is to hold the urine in between during urination. This is called Kegel exercises or vagina contraction exercises.The muscles in the vagina are very weak after vaginal delivery. The incisions (episiotomy), to the vagina mouth in order to provide a comfortable passage of the baby during delivery, decrease the muscle strength. As the number of births increases, it becomes harder for the vagina to regain its former form. If sufficient tightening cannot be achieved with these exercises, it is necessary to perform vaginoplasty.

As well as sexual discomfort, weakness in the muscles of vagina also causes problems such as urinary incontinence. Another disturbing problem is the sound coming from the vagina while sitting and getting up or during sexual intercourse.

It is possible to tighten the vagina by narrowing the vagina's back wall with vaginoplasty surgery. Some tissue is removed from the vagina. The remaining incision area is sewn closer to each other. Thus, narrowing and tightening is provided. The process takes approximately 45 minutes. Stitches fall off on their own. It is necessary to pay attention to toilet cleaning. It is possible to take a shower. You shouldn't lie in the bathtub, swim in the pool or enjoy yourself in sauna for 3 weeks after surgery. The most important prevention is 6 weeks of sexual abstinence after the procedure. Thus, the vaginal tissue is fully healed without any problem. This procedure does not prevent menstruation and vaginal delivery. But if vaginal delivery is given, of course, some relaxation occurs in the vagina. Therefore, cesarean may be preferred to protect the vagina. The patients who prefer female plastic surgeons can contact their gynecologists.

Vaginal tightening surgery, also known as vaginoplasty, is an operation performed to narrow and tighten the vagina when there is a problem in sexual intercourse due to the relaxation of the vagina in women. In summary, the "vaginal relaxation", which is an extremely important condition in the sexual life of the couples, can be corrected by a surgical operation called vagina contraction surgery.